Breaking the Mold - Op Ed

I don't do a lot of Sunday Op Eds any longer. Most of what I wanted to say I have said. But this morning I wrote a note on my Google+ group which seems to be relating to a lot of folks. 

So in the spirit of cross VR issues, I am posting it here. 

I have been faced with a lot of negativity of late. A bit pointed at me as Chic; much pointed at the VR community at large.  These are cross grid and multi-platform issues; I am hoping that they don't percolate over to OpenSim.

One long established elitist business group sent me a notecard yesterday denying my membership. Now I applied A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. Timely they are not. Their  boilerplate notecard listed reasons why one might not be accepted; none applied to my store. Not long after my application was sent it, I found out that they frequently don't take folks that qualify. I also found out that I would be better NOT associated with them than the other way around. So smilingly, I deleted the note asking me to reapply.

One group on a new grid is trying to set standards that must be followed in order to be recognized as  (in their eyes) a competent builder.

Another group makes rules, holds meetings and passes agendas behind closed doors while those affected have no say.

All of this pushes my egalitarian buttons -- big time.

We are supposed to be ENJOYING OURSELVES HERE!    Yes, there is a "real person" behind each avatar and yes it gets complicated and messy. But when people start banding together to take control over others, it is just plainly wrong.

So please don't let those that are trying to set standards and rule the vitural worlds take away your VR pleasures. If you build a less than outstanding house? It is still YOUR house, made with your own two hands (well a mouse and a keyboard really - but the idea is there). If you aren't the best singer in the world and you still love preforming -- well for goodness sakes SING.

It is time to accept our personal power.

Don't let those that want to put you in tiny boxes succeed.

Do your own thing.
Build your own world.
Choose your own partners.

And above all, live your own life.