Can't Go Back

First of all, thank you for reading my thoughts. I was very happy to see my stats climb when I waxed poetically -- well, hey; maybe a little philosophy.

My incoming folder is sparse at the moment and while I may decide to post less often, habit is a thing I have a difficult time getting out of. So here are my thoughts on the turn of events this last year.

This is me in my infinitesimal (so love that word) skybox in some of my favorite things.

I was chatting with a good friend this eve on another grid. We were coveting mesh bodies. We both HAVE them of course in SL and we both have the same (well I influenced her I am sure). For me Maitreya was the winner. I tried them all as they came out and didn't take the plunge until I found Lara.

Now to be fair there was a "guy" in the mix and that might have pushed me a bit. And while the guy is no longer in the picture, I still have the body :D. So all is well.

I was also very happy to see the update to the body arrive in my inventory (three times -- they want to make SURE you get it). New alpha divisions are in the update as well as better shoulders and a pretty tiny hud which you can leave on your screen should you have a fairly large one (mine is).

While I was chatting with my friend I mentioned that I have not taken off this body since its purchase.  [Later note: I lied. One skin fair post.] Checking my inventory that is well over two months ago.  I didn't actually get to "use" my body in the manner I had planned (yes, insert coquettish laughter here) but I have made one new semi naked film and have another one (pretty PG -- well they both are really) in the works. I just can't stop looking at my lovely new body.

Along with this news comes the revelation that I really (REALLY) need to clean my inventory. If I have NO plans whatsoever of wearing system layer clothing again, why should it clutter up my virtual closet. So -- on the list. Not at the top mind you. There are plenty more fun things to do. But still on the list.

Shoes are a bit of a problem but I notice that more designers have started to make things for Lara. Yes, I have Slink but honestly while there are some shoes I absolutely adore there is no way I am going to redo things to wear them. Happily I love boots and many boots fit just fine.

My title says it all. Once you get used to looking at yourself in this new and positive way -- it is very hard to go back. I will keep a "lag free" outfit for times when it is needed, but for me? I am sold.

Shown here with some of my very favorite wearables.

Baiastice_Laurel Top/Dress-Charcoal  (This is full enough so that you can keep your "skin" and wear "panties" and not be invisible.) A plus in my book. And of course your legs go on for-e-ver. Many colors. I like black.

Bliensen + MaiTai - Rumba - black  pumps (high feet) as well as Bliensen + MaiTai - Taranis - Ring - silver

MINA Hair - Peggy - Natural  which I wear a lot!

My pose is new from Helamiyo (main store), part of the Simple set for the Pose Fair 2015 opening on April 11th at 12am SLT.

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    # by Nissa Nightfire - April 13, 2015 at 2:15 PM

    I've been thinking it's about time to get rid of system clothes too ... I really do not like looking at my system body anymore! At first I wasn't sure there was a huge difference, but it's pretty apparent to me now. And since I am typically in various states of dress in an evening, it's just easiest to keep it on all the time! Plus, it probably wouldn't be the end of the world if my shopping slowed down a tad ;)