Low Prim Luxury

We aren't really talking PRIMS of course, but even though mesh has been around for many years, some of us old timers can't get away from that concept.   On a 512 lot (free for premium folks) you get 117 prims (now LI points). In the olden days that didn't go too far, but today?   I have a tiny little skybox that is scrumptious and furnished beautifully for 55 land impact.  You just need to know how to be thrifty.

Newish releases from some folks that are big on style and gentle on your land count help out a lot.

This solo sink with mirror (on off water) comes in both gray and brown and weighs in at 2 land impact. Woot.  Find it at Second Spaces.

I really love these Trompe Loeil - Enfield Wall Art pieces. Place them where you want, resize a bit, LINK them and come away with a great look at ONE land impact.  Find them at FaMESHed.

Also at FaMESHed, more of the Enfield set. This complete seating area is only TEN land impact.

And if you are looking for a cozy but modern California style bungalow for your tiny piece of paradise, how about the [Black Tulip] Garden Atelier, out for The Challenge.   Eleven LI points in all.  The Shelly lawn chair (previously featured) is from Cheeky Pea and counts as 2 against your allotment. 

It is a good time for some Spring redecorating!