Industrial Chic

I got a little carried away taking photos so this will be a 'scroller' post :D.

New building, new duds, new jewelry, new furniture -- and OLD poses.

So let's talk about those old poses -- the things that had me taking so many photos. Pose Fair is still going on for a few more days. I haven't been over but I was chatting with Nissa the other eve (inventory - Lara - procrastination) and she was there shopping. With my inventory (only clothes and shoes cleaned so far) down to 37,000 I feel much lighter in spirit and of course even though I have other things to do (a new film for one) I thought it would be good to keep going.

In my well organized from many years animations folder I have a sub folder called "need to go through".  Well, yep. What I can I say. It isn't too packed these days but up on top I noted one I didn't remember called "Bam Pack".

As I was trying out the poses I really liked them. But, I didn't REMEMBER them. aDORKable has been closed for some time now -- at least from my point of view. I often use my old poses as they really don't go out of style, but most are familiar friends.

Further sleuthing just now tells me that these appeared in my inventory at the end of January this year -- THIS year. Hmm. And a look on the Marketplace tells me there are NEW POSES.  How cool!   Filter for newest to find them.  So all you fans out there -- newness. And I am sorry these slipped by and I am tardy in reporting.

Other newness of note are some very well made items from CARGO.  Runaway Jeans (basic colors and several colorful packs by hud) and the Ribbed Tank (seven color options per hud) have tons of details and fit perfectly -- me anyway, and that's what counts!  The belt is also available and sold separately (male, female, leather and metal options).

There is a cute group gift tank with classy CARGO logo for freebie hunters.

This Cargo desk and shelf fit in wonderfully with the new Barnesworth Annubis Factory Loft for COLLABOR88. The skylights make lovely shadows and the large build could certainly work as a store.

This Bliensen + MaiTai - Wondertree - necklace ( black and silver version) adds a touch of class to casual wear. Find it at the Black Fashion Fair (and exclusive release).

Hair: Peggy by MINA (one of the new colors from the GRAY pack)
Poses by: aDORKable except for the pose by the desk which is mine.