Paris 2.0

Barnesworth Anubis has an updated version of the Paris Skybox out for COLLABOR88. It comes with or without "neighbors" (as in make yourself a pretty view if you have the room) and includes plenty of light -- including a large skylight.

I have memories of the former version of this build. I remember purple boots and I am going to look for that post in just a minute. Meanwhile there are plenty of shelves and decor extras in this build ...

Even flower boxes between the houses :D. Fun!

Find it at COLLABOR88 of course. 

AND just for fun --- here is the post on the original version of this build.

I have been wearing this outfit all week. If you don't know the particulars by NOW, you have NOT been paying attention. In case you are tuning in late -- well there is that scroll back function (ohIamsowicked).