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A quick post on a lovingly detailed and super cute new release from {what next}, the Colonna Chocolate Station.

From the notecard as I am super busy with "buildin' stuff" and this is so much fun. There are texture change options for both woods and door fronts.

Perfect for those chilly days ahead!

- it's a 12+ piece set designed for Fall through Winter 

* sold as a full set (25% off) or individual pieces

* What Next VIP group members can purchase for 50% from VIP vendors until Tues evening

* coffee bar wall decor sold separately - not in the set

* cider/chocolate/cookie dispensers have Bento props (and non Bento too)
give out cider, hot chocolate and a cookie 

* each piece is 1 -3LI - total 17 -19 depending on which decor used

* separate box of optional extras included (such as Christmas themed dispenser & plain mug version)


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