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The Chapter Four is open with lots and lots of goodness to be had. Some of my favorites of this round are highlighted here.

From KOM (klara original mesh), Kale Jeans with texture change hud for jean colors and one pattern, belt and rag. The detailing is phenomenal and quirky and you know how I like quirky.

My FABIA Mesh Hair, Carly, is a perfect accompanyment. Two other very cute styles our out for your perusal, so click that demo button and see what works best for ya. The cap has a texture change hud with both patterns and plains.

And then there is the Moonshine Shack from Never Totally Dead.  This is the rare (well of COURSE it is) in a gacha set. Simply gorgeous textures and lovingly made mesh with extra details, it is well worth trying for.  There are some nice items to pick up along the way to getting your new abode including tools, ladders, a still, art and the list goes on.

Pose by: Everglow


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