Winter Light

morning light

Sunlight on snow, the light cascades though windows - both brilliant and comforting.

From NEWCHURCH at Cosmopolitan, the Nicholas Sleigh Bed in both PG and A versions.  Clean lines and lovingly made textures meet in this classic piece. Choose from fifteen linen themes!

The Snow Daze Lodge skybox and surround comes with its own snowy surround to fit either 32 x 32 or 64 x 64 lots. The open plan Great Room leads to a cosy bedroom (or office or bath). Dark cherry wood reminiscent of styles of the early 1900s, it is a friendly home for both living and entertaining.

Matching Open closests (filled or empty) are also available. Find it at ChiC buildings.

Paintings by Storaxtree and Trompe Loeil (older)
Book clutter and closets by ChiC buildings.