Then and Now - 11 Years

then and now

It was a fun trip down memory lane this morning, following breadcrumbs to complete a blogger challenge for Monday.

There were plenty of photos to choose from of course, but I wanted something with a little "sass" in the mix.  February 2008 is almost eleven years -- and I am just that by a week. Over 5000 posts, it is still an enjoyable adventure.

Here's the scoop:

Baiastice Mare Cutout Swimsuit -Pearl-
***ArisAris/B&W~Gara41~Ascot~Pamela with Scarf~HAT

Hair: eXxEsS : SELYSA

My new Acute Banana floatie was a find for sure. Texture change with nice pose, you can find it here.

Poses by: LAP and the floaties