New Directions


The calendar page has turned and a new year unfolds.

The year is filled with possibilities.

I am back from Sansar, waiting to see how the pieces fall into place -- or not as the case may be. It has been an enjoyable and  educational  five or six months (I've lost count) and my skill sets have been polished a bit. No regrets for energies expended.

It isn't difficult to tell that things are shifting in Second Life. Events have lost their glamour; both participation and attendance is down for most of the well-known venues. Many of us need a change and whoever comes up with that "light bulb moment" will be applauded.

Adjustment are sometimes planned and sometimes called for against our wishes. This year, I believe, will be a combination of shifts in attitude and direction -- for many of us.

For my purposeful part of the equation I will be blogging a bit differently. There will still be fashion and design posts, but I hope to regain a bit of my enthusiasm that was so much a part of my early days.

More adventures; more discoveries.

Following the breadcrumbs.


My outfit is a lovingly crafted fitmesh kimono for males.

See, I told you -- new adventures!

It works well for gals of the boyish figure variety. Some alpha slots will need to be enabled for protrusions of course.  There are many color varieties to choose from including many neutrals and a pretty cobalt blue. An arm warmer version is included.

+HILU+ I hate the cold outfits can be found on the wall here.

There are printed jacket versions to the left of the free versions and there is a cute looking puppy carrier add on to purchase should you so choose.

There are also many colors of Buddhist monk outfits on the wall nearby as gifts.

The wall across the courtyard features some impressive designs which again would likely work for either gals or guys (try the demo of course).

A few weight painting issues in the back are easily camouflaged with long hair. My choice was  TUKINOWAGUMA's Barret.

If you are a good sleuth you will find your way to another area packed with older free items, some made for gals (alphas still needed for breasts on the ones that I tried).

Find that area here.

My photo was taken in the lovely (but very laggy) Village of Ahiru.

Pose by: Exposeur