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Engine Room - March

The Engine Room is open!  My favorite venue is filled with oh so many creative releases.  Here is just a couple tastes of mystery that can be found -- 

***Spires Society - Lament of Innocence skybox is breathtakingly beautiful and it changes moods dramatically as you wander through your EEP settings.  Find the vendor in the first circle of booths near the teleport point.  It would make a lovely entry point for role play sims. Work by Light 'Devil May Cry' Spires. 

  Note that this is a very high land impact item so you will likely need to use a sandbox for your photos. 

!dM deviousMind "Agnes" ClockHarness  consists of two items worn together or separately,  the  AntiqueClockHarness and the LeatherTop. This can add a change of pace to your favorite deviousMind outfits bu Chandra Meehan. A variety of colors are available.  I chose the Onyx harness and the silver top.  

There is an impressive new build to explore this round as well as extra creators and of course gifts scattered amidst the booths, so take your time and find your favorite new releases. 

Meva Alanna Mask Silver

Hair:  Sintiklia: - Hair Bloom - Pack1
Top lipstick layer: alaskametro<3 "Aquatica" lipstick - 03

Pose by: SE Motion


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