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Memories of Yelapa

I am obviously NOT working at my prime level today as I completely "missed" the name of this new release from Trompe Loeil.   

Now I knew instantly that I loved this house. A modern "casita" with attached "big house". The details and textures are lovely of course and include many touches of Mexico (or New Mexico for that matter).  

I AM smiling here though because I have actually BEEN to Yelapa.  It has been a few decades granted and this house would have been very out of place at that time. But I know from wandering around Google maps that the Mexico I traveled is no longer the Mexico of today.  

MY Yelapa included a hut that swayed mightily  with every repositioning in the bed above the sand floor "living area", pigs mating loudly in the night.  No food but what we had in our packs and a river overflowing not far from our doorway.  I remember a lot of German paperbacks left by previous travelers, a long climb up to the famous waterfall, and a house seemingly carved into a cliff literally ON the ocean accessible via a narrow stone walkway only at low tide. As we returned from our exploration that tide was coming in quickly.  

And while this house may be right at home  now in what WAS a tiny village accessible only via boat or ferry today ....  No, I am not going to look at Google maps; I will keep my memories in tack.  

Spanish influenced door handles mix with colorful tiles and the feeling of "home" is almost tangible -- at least to me.  There are planters, plants and a pool waterfall; a pool offers relaxation and a long, long staircase leads to an open loft overlooking the living area with a view of the pool. 

The small casita (not so small looking in my lead photo) is perfect for a studio. At least that's what I would put there -- and I may some day!

By now I am hoping that you REALLY want to know where to find this build.  

Find it at the newly opened from at Uber -- in the Trompe Loeil booth of course. 


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