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The Almost Free Makeover

A post on the forums about how much it costs to outfit your avatar in mesh had me wondering.   Some sleuthing showed that there are still good free bodies out there albeit ones that are difficult to get clothing for.  Heads are another matter.  Along the way I found the REBIRTH 3.0 free head. 

Now I tried the original ReBirth head when it came out and wasn't all that impressed. I am happy to say that has changed.   

I am not a person who CARES about all the mouth movements, eye blinks, talking animations etc. I just want to look good in a very calm way :D.   And while I am still in my 2020 form I will likely someday move on to Evo-X territory. In the meantime my alts are looking better and that works.  

Here's the scoop:

Rebirth Head ~ Kyra ~ V3.0  -- This comes with a very SIMPLE hud that hides in the corner if you want to keep it on your screen OR better yet in your "favorite wearable" tab if you have one.  It comes with skins and plenty of tattoo layers. Eyelashes for example come as tattoo layers.  There is a MORPH for Evo-X as well as using system skins and even other popular heads. 

Join the free group and pick up the head.  Other heads are at reasonable prices also.  REBIRTH

The Yanzi skin comes from the weekend sales and includes a version without eyebrows (needed in this case for that gray haired look).   Find it at  DERNIER. While this weekend sale skin is just the head it happily came in a color that was very close to the body skin she was wearing. There are BOM neck fixers in the REBIRTH head pack that blend the two together very nicely. EARS are in a separate box that you need to unpack.  

Her gray eyebrows (system style would no longer work and there wasn't an upgrade). Happily she found some tintable ones for 10 linden on the marketplace.  

A whole new (and so much better) look for 70 lindens!

The outfit shown here was featured a few days ago, the .::E.D.D.A::. Sofia SET - Smoke available at The Free Dove.  

And now here is the not so free part LOL.  But it's all good. 

I love BOM. It is so easy to see what you are wearing -- just like the good old - bad old days.  But finding well made BOM is tricky. Most items are blurry or not all that well done.  Happily along this journey I found this tank set from RIOT.  More than she needed but very well done and useful. I will probably get a pack for me the next time I need something under the NSFW jacket.   A demo is available.   

Hair:  Sintiklia - Hair Tsveta GIFT (recent from Halloween Shop and Hop but likely not available now)

Poses by: [ImpEle] Chubby Girl AO (Marketplace)  gift but needs new walk :D


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