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The Business of Advent

I am having an issue with this so I am going to talk it out in "print" and maybe wrap my head around it all.  There is just something WRONG about charging people to take part in Advent gifting.   In my mind anyway the season is about giving, not making a profit. 

Already announced MadPea will be doing a multiple creator Advent Calendar.  Now that's cool. Kittycats had group calendars for many years inviting various creators to take part. All good.  But THIS calendar will cost you 500 lindens in order to claim your gifts.  You do get to see the gifts as they open -- one each day starting December 1. This is part of the new TOS having to do with the gambling and gacha policy but it certainly is good to see it happening - no more grab-bags.   

The MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar is in a nicely decorated holiday area on a region named Sinister :D.   I will be reporting on SOME calendar gifts but they will be either totally free ones or group ones.      


Bannod said…
I agree with you. The definition of a gift is "a thing given willingly to someone without payment, a present". I have seen this so much in the last 2 or 3 years - events advertising gifts under a tree and when you click on them, it wants 25 or 50L. I'm not doing that when I don't know what I'm getting. The only advent thing I do is one from a popular home and decor creator who also lets you buy the whole advent collection instead of going back every day to open a new window.

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