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Breakfast in Bed

I really enjoy Nutmeg's new build. Super clean and definitely minimalist it works fine for me and shows off the offerings nicely.   I wasn't able to find a longtime group gifts area however and it does seem that they were taken down.  The other day though I found the NEW group gift area near the landing point.  So if you missed picking up this Nutmeg. Breakfast in Bed present then head over there.  There is also a nice set of décor frames.   The exact spot is here. 

This packed full of items tray has a large default size. Modding down to more normal size (I mean how big can an egg be especially these days? the LI is 4. LODs are still pretty good at LOD2.  The triangle count is a bit over 250k but to be fair there is a LOT going on here.  It worked fine for me but if your machine is on the featherweight side it could cause issues.  So checking that might be wise. 

For those of you NOT in the REKA Update group it is free.    



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