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 Now I will be the first to admit that these are very niche items (yes, insert smile here), BUT they are beautifully crafted and remind me of the early days of SL when folks did such clever and creative things long before we had mesh or even sculpts as an option -- let alone big clear textures.  So plenty of kudos for keeping that spirit alive.  

This is the Dirty Rat - Machine of Memories.   Not for the prim challenged it weighs in at 12. There is an unscripted version (no texture animations) included in the pack.   

And this little gem is the Mutant Flytrap.   Happily it is not animated.  I have vision of Little Shop of Horrors when I see this beauty.   

Available on the Marketplace

You can see both items at the Academy of Mystical Arts in Babbage. 


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