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Zanzibar Hideaway

A quick post to let you know that this super cute house on a rock is out for the weekend.  Find it at Scarlet Creative.  I lived in it for a short time at Tiddy Beach before the sim closed. Happily I had saved all my furniture and décor in coalesced grouping AND the house was facing in the same direction as this one. so it was a VERY easy movie in.  69 land impact. 

I added extra rocks, happy that I could use the big ones gifted to me anonymously at Christmas.  I am not finished decorating yet, but I am sure it will be a fun place for the upcoming warmer weather. 

Also of note there is a great plant set out at RatzCatz.  A big set with pots at a weekend price. The LODs look a bit iffy in the display but the plants have been sized down a lot. They are still very low LI (some just one) at BIG sizes -- so very useful for lot of folks. 


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