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Ribbons and Rings

Two great  items out that you won't want to miss.  

KUNGLERS - Leonie rings at Cosmopolitan for a few more days -- these are rigged for various mesh bodies with hud for metals and gems as well as turning off the middle finger ring. 

Stealthic - Adore (Group Gift with free group join) comes with all the color huds and an accessory hud color changer.  Bangs or no bangs are your style choices. Stealthic is definitely one of my favorite hair brands. 

  For some odd reason the accessory hud didn't work on the large sized version for ARTE but worked fine for me. Same sim, same viewer. A puzzle.  

Pose by: frozen


oonachannel said…
Get a redelivery, there was a problem with the HUD, it has been fixed!
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks, ARTE went back and indeed it works now. She sent a note and I guess it was fixed RIGHT away between the time she got the hair and "I" got the hair. All good.

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