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Portal Walking

It is getting pretty mystical over at Fancy Décor.  A little sleuthing and a bit of exploring found me at a super-cool spot with plenty of atmosphere and much to see.   


Tis getting pretty mysterious over at Fancy Décor.  Is portal walking a "thing"?  

I am not sure but I suggest a visit is in order. Not only is the build well done there are kiosks with riddles to answer. 

Can you answer them all?

Find the entrance not far from the landing point.   You will need to accept the experience in order to get to the impressive meeting room  It is fun place to play with EEP settings.  

It is the month of mystery. 

The Fancy Decor: Zodiac Clock - Mountains comes in a pack with both gold and silver versions. There is a second style with a sun face.    Find them at FaMESHed.


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