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More Outfit Management

How's that outfits folder cleaning going?   Many hundreds of folks READ the post. Now the question is -- did they DO anything?   Procrastination isn't my strong suit; I want to get it done and get it over with.  This is one of my winter outfits from 2022.  Somehow the backpack was no longer connected to the outfit file but happily it was still in my inventory and a quick fix will have it connected again. 

First add the missing items back on then go to the WEARING tab and make a new outfit. I called mine the same as the old but with 2023 at the end. The default will be to add (new) which works too.

Then go to the outfit gallery and type in a key word to find both outfits. Mine was "backpack" naturally.   

Next, right click on the NEW improved outfit and choose "Select Photo" assuming you want to use the same photo and put in a keyword from the old outfit (again for me backpack) .  A textures only window will pop-up and you can hopefully find your photo easily.  If you upload your photos via the upload default method when making then the photo will have 'Photo of" as the beginning . You can see I keep all of mine in their own folder.   

Choose OK to add the photo to the new outfit. Now you have two so delete the OLD outfit that is missing inventory. It will be the one you are NOT wearing :D.

This is one of my most complex outfits except maybe some role play outfits that I don't actually wear around.

My NEXT big cleansing project will be my hair files. I noted when searching for a hair for Monday that I had a lot of really old and oh so not pleasing hairs in there. SOME oldies hold their own like the one I am wearing here. Others?  Not so much.

Happy inventory cleaning.

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