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One Month Until Advent

In theory I have plenty of followers on YouTube and Flickr, but I am guessing there are plenty of YOU guys who come here daily that may not get my (currently almost never) additions to those feeds.  Here's the full story.

I get bored in the virtual summers. Nothing new. I need a project. Last year it was the art collective which was a pleasure to do even though a lot of folks just disappeared.  I definitely improved my terrain editing skills (woot).  This summer, since I am pretty much retired I decided to spend August making items for an Advent calendar.  Last years 12 Day's of art was very successful but I didn't just want to repeat the same sort of theme.  

So ---

This year there will be a whole calendar (most likely me switching out boxes as I head to bed) of goodies to gather.  All are one land impact, baked textures (which reportedly won't change when PBR gets on the grid) and of course long LODs.   They are all décor - furniture items; nothing large.  I got in plenty of Blender practice this summer.

Along with the rational gift a day there will also be gift items that are transfer and include a gift box (also mod-trans) to cheer up a friend.  These are priced at my often seen "bargain" number (think Tuesday).  There will also be a mod-copy fatpack with all the items. My goal is to have something for everyone.  I believe this is a new idea -- at least "I" haven't seen it before. Will see how it goes. 

Meanwhile -- I decided to make a video. It HAS BEEN AWHILE.  I lost my editing program when I got a new computer (Corel has a sort of two year policy and then you have to buy again thing going on) but I updated my graphics software and for only ten dollars (and a lot of hair pulling with tech support as things didn't work) I also got a new version of my video editor. 

I was kinda rusty of course but got most of the kinks out with this preview of the items.  It is quick as I am not a fan of LONG videos unless they are movies.  I enjoyed myself  with the process and while not speedy I feel more comfortable again with my updated software. 

 Happily YouTube seems more together with uploads now and so far hasn't flagged my creative commons free music like it did so often in the past.  Still captures  are much more crisp on my compute screen than in the video version  even uploaded at the highest possible resolution.   BUT it was certainly faster than in years past.   

Full screen is of course better unless you have a GIGANTIC monitor :D.  

I am not sure how much I will cover ADVENT this year on the blog.  I think I am in the group of folks that would just like to go look and shop the transfer items -- -LOL.  Well ya know my inventory is pretty darn complete after so very many years.    But never fear I am sure there will be plenty of great things to report.   

And if this starts a trend, that works for me too.      


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