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Telling a Story

The best artists tell a story. It doesn't need to be complete with beginning and end; it could be as simple as a dandelion losing a seed in a field on a mid-summers day. It could be as abstract as the emotion elicited from splashes of color over a canvas or a simple shape in tarnished metal. 

There are a couple of stories in this post. One is the the story you devise yourself from the painting above.  The other is the story (well maybe two) of how this came to be.   

I had no plans to feature the new (in the forefront) work from Dirty Rat that arrived Sunday morn. It was perfectly made of course but too macabre for my sensibilities.  And then I decided -- for the first time -- to look at the Lazy Sunday sales.  Amidst a surprising amount of really good looking items I found this backdrop from The Bearded Guy.   A perfect pairing is difficult to resist so I spent some time exploring EEP settings that would both set the mood and show off the new releases.  

And here is the artist's story on one of the items.

In the dimly lit room of an eccentric artist, an unsettling sight catches the eye—a severed leg, snugly planted in a pot, almost like a twisted, macabre flower. This eerie display is not what it seems; it's a piece of art that tells a haunting tale. 

The artist, driven by a fascination with the bizarre, created this surreal masterpiece, aiming to challenge perceptions. With meticulous detail, this artwork blurs the lines between beauty and the unsettling, leaving viewers captivated by its enigmatic presence, each observer crafting their own story behind this haunting creation.

As the only witness to your darkest thoughts, Leggy Wonder is your trusted confidant. Share your deepest secrets with it. It won't judge. It can't. It's just a leg.

Here is the unretouched close up of items available at the Disturbed Event.  

There are gifts at most to all of the booths (I didn't check around completely).   

Dirty Rat - Phantomeadow Arm
Dirty Rat - Leggy Wonder 
Dirty Rat - Savage Slaughterer  (gift)

These come as décor or wearable both in the pack.

The Murder Backdrop - The Bearded Guy



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