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And the winner is?


Doing my little happy dance on the way to spend my LAP gift card and a bunch of dinero to boot. This is my first contest win -- if we don't count the last minute honorable mention for the green shoe picture long ago.

It was great fun doing this shot even if it did take many hours of searching to find a barber chair. Where are the good props when you need them anyway?

Shown here is of course a LAP pose -- this one from the Oz sets. Remember those red clickable shoes?

The rest of the outfit has been blogged before but as a recap we have the great clothes from Illuminati from the Cutting Class adventure in Pulse, hair from House of Heart -- Sweeney Todd of course, and razor from Silent Sparrow long ago -- I NEVER discard a possibly useful item (wink).

There is a LAP contest each month. At least I think that is still the plan. Just join the LAP Flickr group and wait until the theme is announced. Its hard work, but a lot of fun too.

PS. As I went to the LAP pool I noticed a new post of AOs for under 30 day old folks. These look GREAT. So if you know any new kids on the block, let them know.

Edit: I just went to check the feed and say a post from Dove about that great looking AO set. I think this is excellent news. From her post:

I know some people would like to have this, that are not new residents, so as a hint, they will be available for a limited time during a certain hunt (coming up very soon, keep an eye out!), that will be the ONLY time EVER that you can get these without being a total noob.


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