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Holiday Goodies and Maladies

Winter is closing in and the holidays are beginning. Not a bad thing :D Samara Studios has replaced the umbrella dollarbie with a cozy RED (well of course) sweater and pants set. You get pants for boots too. Find it at the usual spot on the wall in the middle of Casuals.

And if you missed the holiday hair from Gurl 6 last year -- as I did -- it's just out again. Tons of colors and three sizes. The hat comes in a nice gray but I recolored it for matching-ness (wink). Find it as you first walk in the door by the new releases.

Click for LARGE view.

Along with all that winter goodness come the colds season of course and if you want your avatar to commiserate with you as you are downing your antihistamines, you can. - RC - Cluster sent out this cute animation and hanky to all of Fashcon (like many many many thousands of folks) so if you don't check the archives often, you might want to (wink).

Shoes by Tesla, top pose by LAP.


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