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Peace On Earth Hunt: Love Chic

Just a quick post in the "I'll show you mine" vein (wink). The Peace On Earth hunt starts some time Tuesday. With something like 350 stores involved it is a GOOD thing that you have the WHOLE month. The coordinators have asked MANY times for retailers to put their gifts out so they are easy to find. Let's hope that is the case. Since almost everyone is involved, getting stuck may not be too much of a problem. You can always just go to one of your favorite shops and you might be able to carry on from there. Who knows?

So here is my gift for the holiday season with a true wish for Peace On Earth attached to it. It's the earrings of course. Hair is Bobby from HOH. I am heading over there to see if I might just find Allie in the hunt going on. LL LOST one of my FAVORITE hairs (Allie in canapl - this same RED RED color I am wearing). Not likely it will be a dollarbie, but sometimes the stars are just with ya. And who knows what else I might find.

Enjoy the POE hunt. I may post a few of my favorites. I will NOT be getting to all 300 so be sure and share the great find spots with your friends.


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