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Mix 'n Match Saturday

First off as I logged in this morning was a post that Retro-ology was discontinuing its clothing line to turn to accessories. All items are $1-$5. So you might want to join the guys checking this out. I didn't buy anything but the vendor posters looked good (wink). There's still a crowd there I see.

Samara Studios announced new skins called Callie and there is a "limited time" dollarbie skin available. Find it right under the big poster with the picture of several of the skins. Demos are of course available to try out the other skin tones. This is sunkissed. There is also a dollarbie umbrella on the center wall if you haven't seen that yet.

MECHANISM gave out some cute legwarmers to its update and subsribeOmatic groups. They are mod so easy to resize for gals. Here's a tip I just figured out (duh). If you select BOTH legwarmers, then use the STRETCH tool to size them down (shrink) -- they will be the same size automatically. Much faster than how I had been doing it. Then simply change back to position and align them to your legs. These are hefty ones and so they fit easily over narrow -- but not boot -- pants. Handy. Lots of cute detail too.

Vago has a new store and to celebrate there are two very nice dollarbie poses out. Find them in large vendors by the couch.


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