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Noob Hunt at Blockheadsville

So I went over to the Noob Hunt yesterday -- SPECIFICALLY to look for the AO from Dove. 27 prizes. I found 24. Dove's was NOT among them. Boo - hiss - pout. Oh well.

BUT, the hunt was much fun and extremely clever. The quaint little retro town is simply FILLED with "noobs" -- those perfect man mannequins I expect you've seen around and about. Many are Free to Copy, but SOME of them have gifts inside. The hunt is easy as the prize packs your are looking for are life sized -- literally (wink). Still you can obviously MISS some of them :D

Of the ones I found, these are my personal favorites. A few of the items are repeats from the Ghost Hunt which may be handy if you couldn't find them before. The picture above features an outfit from Bingo and a retro desk set which is so very cute.

Here is a very cute pea coat from iBizarre - just one of many gifts in their noob prize pack.

Oops. I almost forgot to tell you about this super cute purse from E.M.A. You'll need a bag animation for it. You may already have one though. Do a search for "hold" and see if you do (wink).

That's my report. Have a great time at the hunt and enjoy the exploring.

PS. There ARE things for guys here including some shirts and tees. There is also a stunt bike for sale for $0 inside a building with pink and black walls. You might be able to walk into the building but I was camming and found it. It is across the street from the park. Have fun.


Anonymous said…
thanx for posting some of the finds! i had a blast at that hunt, but haven't gotten around to opening everything,yet! i somehow didn't find everything, either, which is sad since everything was life-size! the AO from [LAP] was in the sand at the little playground...the head to the noob was the only thing sticking out. hope u have time to run back and grab it!
Chic Aeon said…
I did get it, yes. Thanks. I guess my "game" was off. I SAW all those people in the sandbox. That SHOULD have been a clue -- even if it was the first day - LOL. Great AO. Fun hunt. Glad you enjoyed it too.

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