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All Roads Lead to JOMO

I haven't been exploring much of late. Deep in learning the intricacies of mesh, my focus has been focused *wink*. But the other day I saw a post on the hunt feed that lead me on an adventure.  While I read it in Portuguese (well you could figure out enough), I will give you the English translation URL.

I made several stops on the long list of Lucky Boards, some lead to places for rent, others I couldn't find the board but bookmarked as I really liked the area. Some of course were not my style. Then ---- drumroll please --- I found JOMO. When I landed in the courtyard I immediately hit my landmark button. Photo ops abound. Everything is completely "top shelf".

Not only is there a huge area of lucky boards, there is also a very large freebie area with some really nice things. My traditional outfit complete with shoes and hat-hair comes in five colors. Happily I eventually won the gold one which was my favorite. There are skins, jewelry, modern attire, stuff for the fellows and home and garden items. These are group boards and while I seldom join groups to get things, I didn't hesitate an instant -- I was so impressed.

Many of the items on the boards are right off the floor. I found this outfit for sale in all five colors in the clothing building. It moves beautifully and is of course mesh.

This pavillion was another of the prizes; the musical instrument with animation and sound also. You can purchase the very impressive buildings if you have a large plot. Exploring could take awhile so I will be visiting again soon. 

So call up a couple of friends like I did, hang out for awhile and chat. The boards are all short term so they turn over quickly and in not too long you will probably have your favorites.

And by all means explore.

I will be switching gears again soon and will hopefully be doing more adventurous posts. One of the things I love about Second Life is there is so much to see. My journey of the other day reminded me. 

Poses by: LAP, Diesel Works, Vista Animations


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