Tempting the Gods

It's been a difficult time the last couple of days. The Marketplace isn't working well with many to most orders (at least mine and those I talked to) going astray. So while I do have a many new things to show you, today I am keeping in simple.

Two new items that I adore. Can't beat that. First up a new do from Vanity Hair, Valentina in Borgogne. Really liking this!!!!!  And the new hair textures are so pretty.

Also new and nostalgic at the same time, a knotted pearl necklace (a variety of colors can be had) from lassitude & ennui. My mother had a necklace just like this and wore it just this way. Very classy.

And with that I am going to see if I might be able to get something accomplished in the work arena. There is always meditating in the meadow I guess *wink*.

Pose by: Vista Animations