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Midnight Meditation

Feeling a little uptight? We all get that way from time to time. Happily CIRCA has a new exercise mat complete with lots of great yoga moves as well as some tummy and buttocks tightening exercises. We all need those, even virtually.

The Serenity Spa set comes with lots of details including an aroma vaporizer, water bottle and towels. The rock candles from CIRCA coordinate nicely and add a warm glow to your workout.

Choose your calming or calorie burning animation from a big selection.

My very feminine workout gear hales form SLC. The Mesh Country Top comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Happily this choice left me artfully color coordinated. The denim shorts are also a new release; one of several color choices.

Headbands are of importance when movement is involved and the new KATIUSHA hair from eXxEsS keeps you stylish while you embrace the quiet of midnight.

Poses by: Everglow and the yoga mat


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