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Saying Goodbye

This is my last post from LEA20. Tomorrow is clean up day. The sims will begin to empty awaiting others who will create, learn and grow. It has been a wonderful six months and I will be sad to say goodbye. I spent most of the day taking down the builds in the sky. With fifty or so sets, it was not a click and go affair. Tomorrow the builds on the ground will be packed up. I have a few scenes to film before I leave. There are plans in the works and though they are nebulous at this moment, I intend to remember my last day in film.

There is plenty of GOOD news though. The Machinima Open Studio Project will be moving in totality and permanently to LEA7. So those of you who have visited in the past can keep MOSP in your "photo op" folder. You will need a new landmark of course and a new hud.

While some things will remain the same, others will change. Some builds are past their prime and will be dismantled, others are getting a facelift and of course there will be new things to come. The new locale will have a machinima gallery with curated exhibits. There will be a classroom area too. I will be a busy gal for a few weeks. Much to do.

Thanks to those of you that stopped by, took some photos and enjoyed the sim. Extra points if you filmed *wink* and no demerits at all if you simply came to explore.

The newness in this post is another great necklace from EMO-tions. Just my style, this Eterna set comes in three color palettes - spring, summer, fall.  Available Saturday.

Pose by: Diesel Works


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