Shadow Patterns

My login spot was recharging when I entered in this morning so I headed over to my shop plot. Lights,  graphics effects and Windlight had me in experimental mode. This was my favorite photo.

New at the Mens Department, alphabet letters in two styles from Cheeky Pea. Make your mark, write a poem -- whatever. Most of us have something to say. The letters come with cast shadows should you be using them on a shelf or flat surface.

They appear to be 1 prim each, but smart prim-savers will link them together after the spelling to get the total count halved. Hence,  "CHIC" is only 2 land impact when linked.

They are patterned on both sides so look good coming and going. And while they have a pretty antique pattern on the faces, they are mod so if you are more of a shabby chic person, you can repattern and tint to your liking.

Also new at MENS are necklaces and rings from KOSH. They come sized in both male and female versions and have both chest and spine attachment points should you need them.

Lots of details combine to make these a winner.

My hair is eXxEsS : SORRAIA chestnut and my pretty knit shrug is one of many color options just released at SLC.

Pose by: jaH