Jack Jill and the Depot

The Jack and OR Jill Hunt started today. Seems like a safe bet as one of the most popular hunts, at least for clothes and such. Checking it out was on my agenda, but on the way I got waylaid. I went looking for the hunt website and maybe some prize photos to give me some direction (not many of those). And while I was looking I found a blog post about the new Depraved Nation Depot, a one stop freebie spot for the Depraved Events group (free). I spied these boots and zipped on over. The boots are a gift from SWITCH. There are plenty of other nice gifts, mostly for the ladies.

The boots are exceptionally nice with great textures and the ability to tint which I did a bit here to make them a little darker. They come packed in this ohsocute bag; a keeper for sure.

I didn't do too much hunting this eve but I did make a few stops at places I knew. This jacket with built in tank is from Leri Miles Designs.

This sweater is from Rispetto Designs and easy to find *wink*. The mesh pants are part of a big pack from The Plastik which includes a hoodie, more pants and a very cool earring (worn but not all that visible, sorry).

So that's my brief bit of info for the fellows. I will make a few stops for the gals soon.

Pose by: AKEYO