Hair Fair 2014 - Preview - SLURLS

Hair Fair opens Saturday, July 12!  If you are an oldtimer you know that this is a big deal. A Wigs For Kids donation event, designers put out newness for your shopping pleasure.

If you were around when the Greenies had their sim you'll feel right at home. The event is designed for low lag. Peaking in the boxes is necessary to see the offerings; this keeps the lag at bay.  I happily strolled the whole event this morning walking in each and every shop, WITH shadows on!  It was a pleasure. This year was almost free of "not ready yet" designers which has plagued the event over the years. I have four bookmarks to return to later in the day; a big improvement.

There are some outstanding new hairs and some lovely gifts. I will be doing a variety of posts as the event continues. But so you can pre-plan your first stops (if you go opening day I suggest flying rather than teleporting *wink* ) there is also a Hair Fair Demo Group.

Remember, dress lightly (texture clothing would be good) and by all means go bald so if something strikes your fancy you can try the demo. If you use a Third Party Viewer, DERENDER is your friend; just right click on any avatar you don't want to see. AND turn down you draw distance. One store at a time and the black walkway is all you really need to see *wink*.

There are four sims this year.