Summerfest Quick Tour

I have already shown you some great items from Summerfest but I actually got OVER there Sunday morning not long after dawn. With only twenty people in the sim it was still -- well let's be politically correct and call it viewer intensive. Still after a few stalls and one crash I made it through the event. And the event is SO CUTE!

Small beach huts make up the shops. Bright yellow skies surround the venue. Everything is out in the open and easy to see (hence the lag).

There is pretty much something for everyone from accessories to hair and skins and furniture.

And there are plenty of niche items and I love NICHE.

My suggestion based on my experience is to wait a little while longer until crowds slow down a bit more, go early or late and most likely NOT on the weekend - LOL. Right click and derender avatars; you have the power  -- and of course turn off shadows and lower your draw distance.