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The Mesh Project - Update

There have been some improvements and additions over at The Mesh Project  -- where if you have been following along -- all this is free (donation for dress and shoes).

The big news is that there is now a selection of hands.

Choose your style and your need.

The hands originally appear as white BUT the hud remembers your body color and all you need to do is click to match hands perfectly to your skin tone.

They even remind you to use the styling hud. How great is that?

And that is one reason why I am pulling for these folks to advance in the market. Many things are so well thought out.

If you already have hands from a previous visit, the Shopping Hud (you might need a new one as it has been updated) will tell you to touch that REDELIVERY button.

Now there are still issues. The same primary ones I found. Talking to the folks I know who have both journeyed over to pick up their free items and gone through the set up process, here is what we found.

The biggest obstacle is the skin matching issue. I haven't talked to anyone who could get a very close match. I am sure there are some skins that do blend well *wink* -- just none that anyone I know is wearing.

The second issue is the retrofitted head. If your skin doesn't match well, there is no way the free fader tattoo will solve the problem. Again, this has been true for all the folks I talked too.

The 0 fat for retrofit (original avatar heads) is a little less daunting. There are plenty of thin folks out there in SL. 

Now you can buy skins and heads (breathtakingly expensive but a lot of work so I get that). That would most likely solve the issue. But there is a huge -- I am guessing -- market for gals that would like their "I've Been Living With It For Seven Years" head. I am in that camp. So some kind of tintable tattoo overlayer? I don't know. And I am sure the folks behind the project already know about the issues.

 Anyway, since the posts on these mesh bodies are still in my Popular Posts on the sidebar I am figuring you guys would want an update. There must be a group to join to learn about the news. I will have to check that out more carefully when I go to pick up MY new set of hands. (Didn't find one yet.)

Many thanks to Sami for taking screenshots so I could post her findings AND for doing my legwork and adding her input!  And Lani too (well that was "me" really) for checking out the redelivery procedure.  I am SO VERY lazy this summer. Who knows why?

Oh, one more thing --- When Lani (chubby) got the new updated dress she found that it didn't work for her at all while the previous one did. So, this is just a note for any of the designers at The Shops (or full figured gals)  who might be reading. Not everyone wants to be a size 0. The PREVIOUS dress worked just fine for fatter gals, so she just switched back.  Hoping that NOT having 0 body fat will be an issue.

This is just a personal comment.

I have Slink feet and hands now. For a long while I did not. I finally got them to work pretty well for my body, matching the skin tone. The hands however do not fit all that well for whatever reason (perhaps my long arms). I have noted this on other avatars. 

I love that the hands and feet on The Mesh Project  body fit perfectly AND that they are customizable for size and shape. Hence, in general, I think this is a better product :D. Since much of the SL fashion world is already in the Slink camp, it may be difficult to get designers to join in for products (remember designers we DO need a body with just undies and no bra!). If rendered items were my skillset, I would be joining. Alas, the pixel painting area is not where I excel. 

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Poses by: Diesel Works


Indigo said…
Hi Chic, the Slink hands actually fit perfectly with minor shape adjustments. The sizes of the hands relate to the wrist size, not the hand size (which can be adjusted in edit shape). The wrist sizes match the standard mesh sizes. I found that by upping my torso muscle slider just one or two points while wearing size XS (my avatar is petite), I was able to get a good fit. I don't normally care to modify my shape for fit but this was such a minor adjustment that I didn't mind.
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. I did try your suggestion. MY problem is that the rigging seem off for me. The hands are "inset" from one side and "outset" from the other -- so not on center for some reason. No amount of changing my shape fixes that. Most of the time I can airbrush out or wear a bracelet. They also are up higher on my arm (overlapping forearm)than I suspect they are supposed to be. It could be the arm length thing but I really don't want to change a ton of stuff on SO many shapes LOL. So really multiple problems. I DO appreciate the comment though and thanks for trying to help!
Exotyk Doll said…
I went and tried out the mesh body because of your post. I actually really like it. I did at first have a small problem with the neck blending with the retro fit head (I have Al Vulo skin in the caramel tone). However, I did find a close match AND they automatically gave me the neck tattoo layer to apply for myself and it blended perfectly to my surprise! I hope you're having better luck with it since it has seemingly been updated since this post! :-)
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks for the update Exotyk. I did get a sort of close match to my everyday skin. Hopefully the new neck blender will work. Been busy but will try and get over and "redo" with the new stuff soon. I do like the body also and hope it does well. I just may be problematic. Well some friends had trouble too so it most likely just depends :D.
Unknown said…
Hi Chic,
I am looking at the Mesh Project body and head. But I am scared that I wont be me anymore or wont look like me I mean, Can I use the slider settings for my head to make the mesh head look like me?
Chic Aeon said…
I don't have a head Mia so I can't really say. There is a demo head and there is also a deluxe model. They have live help at the store so chatting up someone who KNOWS would be good. Most of the mesh heads here that I have seen are static without the ability to change the sliders. Cloud Party (no longer a grid) had that ability on the mesh heads, so it "can" be done but perhaps not in Second Life. You can also use the body without the head and that works well if you can get a matching skin that you like. Those heads are pretty expensive. Unless one comes along that really feels "like me", I will be sticking with my legacy head that I have had almost seven years now. You don't HAVE to buy a head. Talk to the folks at The Shops though and see what they say.

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