Rhapsody - Play Some Music

Rhapsody opened on Sunday. I was there in the very early hours along with the birds -- at least metaphorically.  Designed for a low lag experience, shops offer doorways for peaking in. A map comes to you automatically so you can find your favorite designers OR simply keep your spot as you explore.

A little bit of everything is offered -- with of course a music theme.  Definitely don't miss this great guitar (with music, M and F, sitting and standing) from Hanaya -- a gift in an obvious gift box in the Rhapsody shop.

This boombox from CARGO includes a very realistic music volume animated texture. Sure to show up in my next film (guitar scene already taken - LOL). 

The cigarettes and music posters are great props and decor items. And there are albums -- all original and lots of fun.

Pick up your favorite gifts from this very large selection on either side of the stage (near the TP point).   

Sweater BoHo Hobo (old)

Pose: guitar animation

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    # by Anonymous - July 13, 2014 at 1:36 AM

    thank you!

    Moriko Inshan