That Prim Thing

It's the end of the month and while there are venues beginning I am in waiting mode in order to make 'the best' post I can.

So rather than leave the blog empty, here's what I have been thinking.

WHY am I still receiving very lovely but extremely primmy items? Mesh is no longer new news. According to the wiki (an interesting walk down Memory Lane) mesh went gridwide August 23rd 2011 -- so almost three years.

Today I opened a release package with some furniture. Pretty; nicely textured. I went to put it into a rustic house to find that the land impact was six times (or more) than what I had expected. I put it back into inventory and may indeed just delete it. I have houses that have fewer "prims".

On the plus side (happily there is almost always one), today -- by happenstance, I found a great place for low prim vehicle props. Most of the vehicles there can't be driven but I don't want to drive them anyway. I simply want them for backdrops.

This "Old Ford" weighs in at 4 land impact and delivers plenty of ambiance for that low number. I also picked up a taxi at 2 li (TWO!), saving myself 9 points each over the ones I had rezzed a year ago.  Several very nice props (taxis included) are free at the shop. I have my eye on a harvester for the half sim country road. There are also plenty of industrial and war items if that is your thing.

The place is ArmyStone's TOTAL - DESTRUCTION.