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Let's Hear It for Gifts!

altamura free mesh head at TCF

It is the season of gift giving and gathering. No question about that. There are numerous notable presents appearing all over the grid.

Included in the list is this Maya Head gift from altamura at The Chapter Four (opens the forth natch).

One thing I enjoy about being in the venues is popping in (OK, I do pop in often; I admit it) to watch the event come together. As I type this it is pretty empty still over at TCF, a handful of folks with me of course being there as the starting gate opened.

Among some fun and lovely gifts is the traditional (non-bento) mesh head with hud and appliers from altamura (the brand that gave the guys their full mesh avatar in a hunt not long ago).

The hud is fairly self explanatory and if you click a button you don't want, clicking again turns it back.  It looks like there is an Omega skin hud for applying matching skin which leads me to believe that you could use other Omega skins with an altamura relay.

Most of my readers have likely had mesh heads for a long time, but if you do not and want to try going all mesh, what a great way to experiment.  I will be letting my alt try this out once the venue opens and the crowds dissipate.

Meanwhile, you heard it here.

Most creators have holiday presents at their stands. Look for small gold sacks.

There is a notecard telling you how to adjust your head shape (only a few measurements to change).


Pose by: Di's Opera


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