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52 Colors - Week 28 Teal and Rebeliion

This week's color is TEAL --- or is it?  Here's the story. 

A two part post -- then and now.  My original post made back in January is preserved. After a few months, my frustration level -- well "leveled" and I am doing the actual TEAL post along with the rest of the crew on the forum. 

As my new method (clever folks can figure it out from Luna's Flickr page should they feel in the puzzle solving mood) has TEAL following EMERALD.   Now "to me" emerald seemed very close to teal.  Let's see what Pantone thinks about that.

Some quick research reveals that Pantone divides teal into "teal green" and "teal blue" and BOTH are very near the color that we just styled -- 


So I am going into rebellious mode here == possibly because I didn't love emerald all that much and partly because I see electric blue coming up soon and it is not that far away from the teal family LOL.  Remember this isn't MY list of colors! .  

So this week (unless you really really want to do emerald over again -- and that is certainly your choice) how about a mix. See if you can find something in your wardrobe that has lots of different colors combined into a print -- or mix up some prints on your own or mix up colors of your own.   

I chose this wile print dress which features orange accents. Orange by the way is across the color wheel from teal so about as far away colorwise as you can be. This is a really fun long anc casual dress from LYBRA and was a group gift. It may still be up on the group gift wall. 


Meva Aesur Choker  and earringsGold
KUNGLERS - Marcella L bangles



And present day -- or at least much closer to it, we have a lovely little Spring teal dress from Kaithleen's.


Kaithleen's Crochet Dress 
lassitude & ennui Sweetheart necklace
Stealthic - Searching (Blondes)

This is the official path to the challenge.

Poses by: aDORKable


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