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FaMESHed Anniversary

It isn't easy getting into FaMESHed these days. Along with a big group of creators offering new releases -- there are gifts.  Yep, it's that time of the year again. So much fun with lots to see. 

I snuck in during the wee small hours of Wednesday morn and being a camming queen with a new computer had a VERY enjoyable time picking up presents and demos. There are some very nice new releases this round so be sure and take notice as you wander though collecting the bags of goodness. I picked up ninety and think I misses a few. I'll be going back after the dust settles anyway so no worries.

Something for everyone is the them and there are items for the GUYS too.  I am hoping a friend can get in so I can show you the really great shirt and vest combo   [Leave space here for photo.]  LOL.  Of course I will. 

My lead photo features feminine pastel pink with a sophisticated flair. Just my style.  

Luas Charlotte Dress Maitreya Pink
{Limerence} Joel hair(Rigged)
MOVEMENT -  Led phone  (really cute and not just your regular cell)
nostalgia console from  F O X C I T Y  (the backdrop is also from Foxcity) 
Tuesdays Caged Candles
ACORN Trio Book Gift -Make a Wish
{Limerence} Joel hair 

Such a cute phone!

Another all FaMESHed styling includes:

Seniha. Maddy Dress -v2- 
Rise Design  Vortex Earring
BONDI . PM N1 Glasses

My personal H and G favorite is an art piece by Remezzo - Bicycler Figure Decor. 

Poses by: Nigotine [nla] - Eternal Dream


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