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Outdoor Spaces

If you spend more time outside your house than in (and "I" do for sure) then the new Trompe Loeil  Yaritza Cabin may be a perfect fit.  The amazing 26 land impact (yes I am impressed) abode offers plenty of "social distancing space" even upstairs in the partially enclosed loft. And it is definitely an eye-catching object on the horizon.  

This is of course a home that calls for good weather 350 days of the year :D.  And we are lucky that we can have that in our virtual environments.  It's all good.  

The loft is reached via stairs (or of course a double click or furniture hop if you are lazy like me).  It offers VISTA for sure. The sides are open to the air, the front panel is closed to the elements. So -- indoor -outdoor living.   

The single room is still big on views with windows in all directions. You will have plenty of decorating options even on a 1024 lot -- with all those housing prims saved (wink). 

See it at COLLABOR88 at the traditional COLLABOR price of long ago!


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