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Weekend Shopping Fun

There was certainly plenty to look through this weekend with sales events packed full and lots of new stores in evidence.  Some items were repeats and some just looked like so very many others.  So "for me" the things that stood out were the things that were different -- as well as a great value. 

This :::FurtaCor:::Juliana Dress comes with a big hud of colorful print choices. The bottom tier of the skirt has an alpha option and can be semi-transparent or completely clear for a shorter skirt.  It comes in many mesh fits. I tested the eBody and while it DOES fit, it is weighted very strangely and you will likely end up with a pot belly and a big "bum".  I have seen this fairly often so perhaps eBody changed along the way. Anyway be SURE and try the demo LOL.   

My hair while not a new style by any means comes with a styling hud with four choices.  Gold, Brown and Grayscale packs are available.  Find WINGS-TZ0124 at the very impressing shop.  I hadn't been to the actual WINGS shop before; very sleek.  

Behind me is just a peak of the Scarlet Creative Aime Tiny Carriage House. Two small rooms with lots of style and a railed porch entry.  The grayscale lovely weighs in at 36 land impact. 

These are MY picks for the weekend. Happy shopping finding yours!

Pose by: SEMotion


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