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Fifty Linden Shopping

It is a great FLF -- for ME anyway.  Three nice purchases have been added to my inventory.  

Sway's [Peacock] Chair comes in two fabric colors, both in warm natural tones.  This is an older chair with not terribly up to date animation adjustment choices, so be sure and try the demo and see if it will work for you.    I had this chair in its original BRIGHT colors as part of a fun collection from long ago.  Not too surprisingly it has disappeared from my inventory --- another casualty in the mysterious database massacres :D.  But I have these recolors now, so that helps with the sadness. 

My lovely jewelry hales from Supernatural and comes in a big set of different metal colors. This is the Alba set. 

Astralia - #ButtCrew Pot (Bear) Dark is a cutesy for sure.  Be aware however that it has a HUGE "bounding box" around it (presumably to keep the LODs good and the land impact low).  There are better ways to do this :D - so you decide if you can live with a big invisible piece of "air" in your room.  Me?  I turned it phantom.  

Adobe house and pottery by ChiC buildings 

Pose by: the chair


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