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Advent 2021

(from the hospital bed of the typist}


Finally able to get into the backend of  Blogger, a day of "rest" at the hospital (yes there are those if you are a long-timer) and empty hour on my hands -- let's look at the month ahead. One of my favorite times of the year can be close to perfect in Second life.  Advent is certainly part of the winter experience in our virtual world. 

While I hope to feature some of the more impressive gifts of this seasons festivities, I will only be checking a few of the many advent calendars around the grid.   The two main calendar lists that I know about are at  and Fab Free.

You can find links to the ChiC buildings calendrer in both places,  It is a very bountiful calendar this year and includes building as well as furniture and décor.  With themes from rustic to modern there should be something for everyone.  


Ryan Schultz said…
Wishing you well for the holiday season, Chic.

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