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Spacey Sunday

Here is one for the guys -- although "I" have tried on outfits like this and had them fit pretty well, so maybe for some gals too. Breasts of course need to go bye-bye.     This is a two piece outfit from LOB on Happy Weekend.  The jacket, tank, pants and belt are all separate so can be used with other outfits. Legacy, Giani and Jake are the fits.   So jacket and tank (with color hud) come in one pack and pants and belt in another.   Both neutrals and colors are available.  

My friend here is wearing an altamura body so trying demos might get you a lucky EUREKA! moment. 

Glasses: Gabriel dollar store
Hair: no.match Christmas gift past

The backdrop here is quite impressive. It hales from .PALETO.    There is a big pack of choices with this being Backdrop:.HIGH BASE (MATERIAL)(PHYSICS)(LIGHT). Rather than a traditional backdrop, it is an actual build. So it would make a nice area for a club or some other futuristic use.  Very nicely done it is fairly primmy. I had to zip over to a sandbox for photos since I have been using up land impact with SNOW stuff :D.   

Pose by: Diesel Works


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