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Over at Cosmo

After several years of participating in the biweekly event at Cosmopolitan, I have a tendency to check up on the venue as it opens. Sometimes I find items that are perfect for my lifestyle, other times not so much.  Yesterday's new event brings mixed reviews.  First off, let's look at some event shots of my favorite items.  I don't have uses for these things, but YOU might.  I am still considering getting the post lights for "the future that may be".  We'll see. 

Many of us have fireplaces already, or  in my case -- currently -- a wood stove to cuddle up next to as nights turn cold.  But I think this model from Sequel is especially cozy!  The Pike Mantel and Fireplace Décor comes in various wood tones with the accessories sold separately should you want to stick with your current abode warmer.  

This Primeval Seating from Killer's Productions might be just the thing for your Belli fantasy homestead --- or any romantic setting.  Very nicely made.   

Also in the fantasy arena, the offering from Never Totally Dead - Never, Never Lost  evokes a sadness of times past and lost.  

Last in my show and tell photo essay, these lovely outdoor light fixtures. Can't you just picture them in the snowfall?   Look for Compulsion's Lamp Set. 

I also have a caveat for folks. This round of COSMO features two very adult (in my mind anyway) items that "I" at least would have banned from this event on a moderate sim.   So if you REALLY like to stay away from adult material, you may want to skip this two week adventure and wait until items get to the main stores.   Some folks will be offended; others not.  You will need to decide what category you are in.  



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