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Blind Prophet

Love - love - love - LOVE this!    

OK. You got the idea.  

Now I don't know where I might wear it, not being a roleplay gal but it is so very much ME if I "was" a role play gal.  And I have learned that over time you get surprised by what you need and what you can use in our super-creative platform. So fingers crossed I have occasion to don it again.  

Meanwhile I have a new profile photo and feel both fierce and wise.  That works too.  

lassaitude & ennui Blind prophet hood - dark (various colors available with metal texture hud)

.:E.A.Studio:.TaTToo Corvus Make-Up  Black 60%
LuluB! - Viking Tales - Angel's rune 
Zibska Rus Makeup 10

Pose by: Firestorm pose stand


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