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Weekend Shopping Nov 6

With plenty of items to choose from in the current weekend's rounds, I had no trouble at all picking my favorites.

The tiny house, hanging chair, snow piles, tree and planters are all part of  a  great set  from InkMe  for SL Home Decor's event this Weekend.  Once you get to the sim you will need to walk or cam around to the poster from the SL Home; it is connected ABOVE the vendor. The display area  looks like a field of gacha machines but  it is not.  The demo for this is nearby. 

The cute little table is the KOPFKINO - Forever Autumn on sale for Happy Weekend. 
It will be GREAT fun decorating!

One other coordinating item -- for looks but not for size :D -- is this nicely made all in one couch set from  KAZZA - the  AutumnTalesCouch (includes both PG and A animated versions).   A matching oversized chair is also offered.     


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