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I was sitting over at my beach house last week and took this photo. I called it "stormy days".  Little did I know.  

Blogging has be a bit scanty of late and while there may be something stupendous on FLF tomorrow -- it hasn't impressed  lately. I keep seeing the same offerings (not just at that venue) and sometimes I already have the item.    In any case as I hate to leave the blog empty too many days this is a thoughts sharing post.

I have been really sick (not dead, just sick) and since that is a rare occurrence it has hit me over the head a bit.   Looking back over the decades I can only think of two other times I was this sick -- 

Once in my twenties when both my husband and I got the Asian flu the same day and spent three days or so in bed with no one really to take care of us because - silly us, we caught it at the same time.  I remember on day two or three with nothing eaten at all I wandered into our renovated house-apartment kitchen, opened a box of instant Jello pudding, pored in the milk and beat with hand mixer.  Then carrying it back to bed with two spoons (no actual refrigeration) we ate sitting up in bed then went back to sleep.     

Then there was the time way up in the frigid wintry hills of Patzcuaro Mexico when I forgot to have them "hold the crema" on a dish of pozole. I think that was the sickest I can remember being. Thank goodness for limitless hot water showers. 

But this third time I have some folks to take care of me somewhat. So along with feeling truly horrible at times I also feel a bit pampered.  Still, food and baths and regular sleep hours and laying on the BED all sound very good to me now. I will certainly be appreciate of the little things. 

PS on a virtual note.   

There are some lovely out out as some of the newly opened venues; things I would happily buy.


Some outdoor items have LODs that disappear in a few yards and that simply won't work for me -- or for me showing YOU :D.     Others are double and triple their game asset land impact "norm" and one set was over a million triangles.  I WANT TO BOY YOUR STUFF FOLKS === MAKE IT BETTER NOT JUST PRETTY!

OK, that was me being bitchy after being sick so long.   You all have a great weekend. I hope I have something to show you and feel like showing it soon. 

Clothes credits, last week's posts

Pose by: the Nutmeg stool


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